“Hello, Love, Goodbye” to screen in Taiwan for Valentine’s Day

photo courtesy of ABS-CBN

The hit Philippine film about overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) “Hello, Love, Goodbye” will Screening in VieShow Cinemas Taiwan Starting February 14, 2020 with English Subtitles

Hello, Love, Goodbye tells the story of two Filipino workers in Hong Kong, destined to change each other’s lives forever. Joy (Bernardo) is a poor millennial who works as a domestic helper in Hong Kong. While she excels in her job and enjoys the friendship of many other empowered domestic helpers, she plans to leave the city soon. Hong Kong is only her stopover and she is determined to live a greater life far from her poor childhood. She has big dreams of succeeding in Canada or wherever her dreams may take her.

In her journey to achieving her goals, Joy meets Pinoy bartender Ethan (Richards). Ethan is something of a playboy, already building a permanent life in Hong Kong. In a few years, he will officially become a resident in the city. Naturally, the pair fall in love and the clash is seismic.

Philippine box office record-breaking romantic drama “Hello, Love, Goodbye” is heading back to Taiwan on Valentine’s Day as the first Filipino film ever to be screened at VieShow Cinemas, one of the largest movie outlets in Taiwan, according to a statement released by Filipino media and entertainment group ABS-CBN Friday.

The film, which is billed as the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time after making 880.6 million Philippine pesos (US$17.27 million) at the box office in the Philippines, will be subtitled in Chinese for local viewers during special screenings at selected VieShow Cinemas across Taiwan starting Feb. 14, the statement said.

The screenings will take place at VieShow Cinemas Kaohsiung FE21, VieShow Cinemas Tainan FE21, VieShow Cinemas Taichung Top City, VieShow Cinemas Hsinchu FE21, VieShow Cinemas Taoyuan Tomlin, VieShow Cinemas Linkou Mitsui Outlet Park, VieShow Cinemas Banqiao Mega City, and VieShow Cinemas Taipei Qsquare.

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